International Program

International activities

Exchange scholars: 
Tokyo Univ, KIT, JAIST, Osaka Univ, Tohoku Univ, Hiroshima Univ, Kyushyu Univ,... (Japan)
SKKU,Kookmin Univ, CBNU,CNU,Hanyang Univ,STU,KRISS,KAIST,... (Korea)
NCTU, NCU,Academia Sinica,...(Taiwan
SNU,SP, Hanyang Univ (Sin)
Chulalongkorn Univ, Changmai Univ, Mehidol Univ, Suranaree Technical Univ, BSRU, TRU, PrinceSongka Univ,... (Thailand).
Others: USA, EU, Autralia, Canada, China, Malaysia,....

Invited lecturers:
AUF- French speaking universities network, 
CIUF–CUD (Belgium), DAAD (Germany), 
DANIDA (Denmark), Fulbright, VEF (USA).
Tokyo Univ, OU, OPU, KIT,... (Japan),....

Joint master and PhD program: 
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1,Université de Savoie Chambery, 
Université du Maine (Le Mans),Université d'Avignon, 
Université Joseph Fourier – Grenoble 1,Université Toulouse 2 Le Mirail,
Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Maine Univ,... (France), 
KIT, JAIST, Osaka Univ, Tohoku Univ, Hiroshima Univ, Kyushyu Univ,... (Japan)
CNU, CBNU,.... (Korea), etc.

Internship program
ESIEA, ECE (France), 
JAIST, Osaka University, Ritsumeikan Univ. (Japan), 
Pukyong National Univ.,Kookmin, CBNU (Korea),...

Joint Research Projects
University of Bayreuth (Germany): Bacillus subtilis molecular Biotechnology 
Stuttgart University (Germany): Collaborative Bioinformatics Laboratory 
Aquitaine region (France): Mathematics (Non-linear analysis & optimization) 
Rhône Alpes (France): Bamboo conservation & sustainable development in Vietnam 
SE Asia Network: wetland conservation.   
Osaka Prefecture Univ.,ODJ, Jasso, JSPS,KIT, OU,... (Japan)

We are looking for
Co-joining program (UG: 2+2; PG: 1+1);
Bilateral Research Projects;
Exchange faculty, staffs, students;
Co-supervising graduate programs;
Short/intensive courses for faculty members.

English program 
ITEC - International Training & Education Center
  The International Training & Education Center – ITEC is an educating center of VNUHCM-US. ITEC was established in June 2007 to promote international collaboration in higher education through jointly offering undergraduate and graduate programs with foreign education institutions.
Our missions are to:
Organize education & training programs with foreign universities to provide high quality human resources.
POrganize training courses for social practical application


APCS - Advanced Program in Computer Science
One of ten most remarkable educational events in 2005 was approval of the project "Renovation of university education in Vietnam" by the Prime Minister (decree no.14/2005/NQ-CP on 2nd November 2005). With the 15 year strategies (2006-2020), the purpose of the project is to raise Vietnamese university education to advanced level in the area and to approach the advanced level of the world. In the process of the project, Ministry of Education and Training had a first step in order to carry out the task of selective acquisition and experimental training of foreign universities' advanced, modern programs and syllabuses in order to suit for the need of development in Vietnam.


French-Vietnam Master in applied Mathematics
  A collaborative training program between VNUHCM-US and University of Orléans & institutions of  France. It lasts 5academic years, since 2011, and is funded by HCMVNU, University of Orléans and institutions of  France.
- The program consist of 5 subjects (choice of 6 subjects) & last 1 year . Students will gain an MSc. certificate in Mathematics from the University of Orleans (European MSc. degree). With this, students can study PhD. program in France, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea or  European countries.
- Tuition: 275 Euro (registration fee to French University 260 Euro  + transfer fee 15 Euro).
- Scholarships: Over 20 scholarships for MSc. dissertation in French (including round trip airfare tickets HCM-PARIS-HCM City, living allowance in  3 months in France). Over 10 scholarships for PhD. thesis in France. Top 5 students will be awarded scholarships which worth 6 million dong for each person. 
- The topics of internships (MSc. thesis) are usually in applied mathematics; or algebra, mechanics, analysis, computer science, statistics & econometrics 
- Language: English.