LUU Thi Xuan Thi, PhD

Associate Professor,
Department of Organic Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Science, VNUHCM
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 918657177

Scientific Education

2008: Graduated PhD. of Organic Chemistry.

2005: Trained Medicinal Chemistry at Regensburg University, Germany

2002: Graduated MSc. of Organic Chemistry.

1995: Graduated  BSc. of Chemistry.

Academic & Research Experience

  1. Studying on the organic syntheses in green conditions, especially the syntheses of organo-sulfur compounds.
  2. Transforming wastes of natural resources into valuable compounds in our lives.
  3. Applying the new additives or natural extractive compounds for cosmetic products.

Publication List (selected from 2013-now)

  1. Mong Mo Huynh, Dinh Phuong Do, Tuan Ngoc Tran, Huu Khanh Hung Nguyen, Hon Quoc Tran, Thi Xuan Thi Luu, Tien Khoa Le. Synthesis of magnetic Mn2O3/CuFe2O4 catalysts for the aerobic oxidation synthesis of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde. Catalysis Lett., 148(3), 924-932 (2018).
  2. Ngoc-Lan Thi Nguyen, Hong-Thom Vo, Fritz Duus, Thi Xuan Thi Luu. Dramatic influence of ionic liquid and ultrasound irradiation on the electrophilic sulfinylation of aromatic compounds by sulfinic esters. Molecules, 22(9), 1458 (2017).
  3. Pham Quang Vinh, Luu Thi Xuan Thi, Ultrasound-accelerated arylthiomethylation of indole via multicomponent reaction in water catalyzed by acetic acid, Journal of Scientific and Technology Development, 1, 79-84 (2017).
  4. Binh Nhat Truong, Luong Huu Le, Duy-Khiem Nguyen Chau, Fritz Duus, Thi Xuan Thi Luu. Ultrasound accelerated sulfonylation of amines by p-acetamidobenzenesulfonyl chloride using Mg-Al hydrotalcite as an efficient green base catalyst. Journal of Sulfur, 37(5), 515-528 (2016).
  5. Kha Ngoc Nguyen, Fritz Duus, Thi Xuan Thi Luu. Benign and efficient preparation of thioethers by solvent-free S-alkylation of thiols with alkyl halides catalyzed by potassium fluoride on alumina. Journal of Sulfur chemistry, 37(3), 349-360 (2016).
  6. Luu Thi Xuan Thi, Le Ngoc Thach, Ultrasound-accelerated permanganate oxidation of amines into carbonyl compounds, VNU Journal of Science: Natural Sciences and Technology, 32 (3), 41-45 (2016).
  7. Nguyen Thi Minh, Luu Thi Xuan Thi. Microwave accelerated synthesis of isopropyl palmitate catalysed by solid acids, Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology, 54 (2B), 91-97 (2016).
  8. Hien Thi Pham, Ngoc-Lan Thi Nguyen, Fritz Duus, and Thi Xuan Thi Luu­. Ultrasound-Accelerated Synthesis of Assymmetrical thiosulfonate S-Esters by Base-promoted Reaction of Sulfonyl Chlorides with Thiols. Phosphorous, sulfur, and silicon and the related elements, 190 (11), 1934-1941 (2015).
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  13. Thi Xuan Thi Luu, Fritz Duus, Jens Spanget-Larsen. Molecular and vibrational structure of thiosulfonate S-esters. Journal of Molecule Structure 1049, 165-171 (2013).