In 2013, the Stem Cell Research and Applications Laboratory registered 2 intellectual property rights: 
- Evaluation technique of tassel stem cell function in cancer treatment;
- Culturing stem cells for GMP self- transplantation.

2nd Prize in Vietnam Talent Award 2012: VIS (Viet Voice Serve) by AILab reduces by 30% the cost of telecommunications.

1st Prize in Vietnamese Young Scientist Award (2011, 2012, 2013 – 3 years in a row): "Intelligent interactive environment with practical improvement" and Medal of creative youth.

Photos: Scientific awards for academic staffs and students in HCMUS.

Photo: Dr. Phan Minh Liem in MD Anderson, USA.

Dr. Liem (alumni of HCMUS, biotechnology, got PhD degree in USA by the scholaship of VEF) made important contributions in research on anti-cancer measures in the cancer research institute leading. His name  was stored on the wall of honor MD Anderson Cancer Institute. MD Anderson (Houston, Texas, USA)  is No.1 the cancer research institute in USA during 12 years (ranking by US News).

His honor awards: Award of the US Congress and the medical research program of the US Defense Department on Cancer Research (2010 - 2013); Community Service Award of the Student Association of the University of Texas in Houston (2010); title Scholars Organization Sylvan Rodriguez / Cancer Answers, University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Institute scientists for cancer research excellence and have contributed effectively to the community,...