Research Areas/Groups

From 2012 to 2014, VNUHCM – University of Science has 260 topics/ research projects with a total fund of more than 50 billion VND. The number of topics and funding scientific research increased significantly over the years, especially during 2013-2014 (over 25 billion VND per year).

In 2011-2015, we also plan to develop science and technology with 07 State-level research topics (06 ones funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, and another one funded by Ministry of Industry and Trade).

In 2012-2013, HCMUS has signed a research contract with Department of Science and Technology in HCMC and neighboring provinces to carry out research for local services. The scientific research outcome from local authorities and enterprises has contributed significantly to HCMUS fund for science and technology, up to over 6 billion VND in 2012-2013. In addition, foreign affairs and international cooperation plays an important role in science research activities, contributing more and more international research topics and projects for HCMUS.

We have registered the DUNS number, Ncage and SAM number so as for staff in HCMUS can conduct a scientific research project with funding from international organizations. Apparently, there were 4 projects with 200,000 USD public funding from US government in 2013.     

Photos:MOU signature Ceremony with Industrials (left) and the 9th Scientific Conference-2014 (right)

International Publications
The number of articles published internationally with IF index of lecturers and researchers from HCMUS in 2006-2014 tends to increase, thanks to NAFOSTED Fund, international joint research, local-level projects, etc. Especially in 2013, it increased sharply compared with the previous year; hence the publication beyond traditional filed, and research groups using key laboratory operating efficiently.

In 2006-2009, the total number of international articles was only 212 posts, due to limited research facilities, international empirical articles are being outnumbered by theoretical ones (mainly Physics and Basic Mathematics fields with proportion of 60%).


Photo: The number of International Publications with IF during 2006-2014.


Photos:  International scientists with their talks in the Scientific Conference  event  in University of Science.

Photo: The number of International Publications with IF in the research fields/subjects.