Research Highlights

VNUHCM – University of Science (HCMUS) is the center of academic education, postgraduate, providing human resources, experts qualified in the field of basic science and technology with creativity, working in an international competitive environment. Also, this is where the implementation of the peak in scientific research to create elite products to meet the needs of scientific and technological development and the requirements of economic and social development in Vietnam as well as in the world.
In recent years, HCMUS is striving to become a center for multi-disciplinary and multi-sector training with 09 faculties, 04 key laboratories and 10 research centers in the fields of technology, natural sciences, language and some units for production, other business. The organization of HCMUS is operated under the open system and unified management of Vietnam National University (VNUHCM). Thanks to a strong historical background, the ratio of basic research on natural sciences (such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology) is 70%. In recent years HCMUS has encouraged research-oriented applications, so as to form a strong team of key science and technology, oriented applications biotechnology (Biotech), information technology (IT), electronics and telecommunications, materials technology and environmental technology. Among these fields, Biotech and IT have strong influences in Vietnam. Many PhD. students studied abroad in developed countries (such as US, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc.) have returned to Vietnam in order to contributed to improving human resources for scientific research.
According to recent statistics, among 1352 faculty members in HCMUS, there are 77%  academic staffs (professors, PhD, lecturers,master and 23% teachnical/services staffs. With this strong human resource background, researchers have made significant contributions to scientific research and technology transfer for HCMUS.
Office of Research and Technology (ORT)
Office of Research and Technology (ORT) under the control of the vice president for R&D affairs of HCMUS. ORT is to consult the President about management of science and technology activities, research centers and projects, technology transfer and enterprises, international collaborations, etc. Also, it cooperates with other divisions and agencies to host scientific events.

- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Man (Chemistry), Head of ORT
- Email:
- Fax: +84.8.38350.096