TRAN Le Bao Ha, PhD

Associate Professor,
Department of Physiology and Animal Biotechnology
Laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Materials
Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology
University of Science, VNUHCM
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 988575507

Scientific Education

2000 - BSc at University of Science, VNU-HCM

2005 - MSc at University of Science, VNU-HCM

2010 - PhD at University of Science, VNU-HCM

2008 - Visiting scholar at University of Tsukuba, Osaka University

2013 - Visiting scholar at Michigan State University

Academic & Research Experience

Academic & Research Experience

-  Lecturer at University of Science from 2001 - present

-  Head of Department of Physiology and Animal biotechnology from 11/2014 - present

- Head of Laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Materials from 4/2017 - present

- Teaching, guiding and evaluating for undergraduate and graduate thesis

- Performance research projects from basic to national levels.

- Reviewer for some international journals: Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, Macromolecular Bioscience, Turkish Journal of Biology, Dental materials

- Member of scientific committee for conferences

- Member of executive board of Stem cell Association at HCMC, Biology and Biotechnology Association at HCMC

Research Skills/Interests:

- Design and create biomaterials: wound dressing, surgical membranes (in periodontal surgery, heart surgery), injectable hydrogel, filler for plastic surgery

- Create engineered tissues: skin, bone, cartilage, blood vessel, dentistry, endometrium

- Study on cell/stem cell biology: isolation, culture, differentiation

- Study on drug delivery system

Publication List (selected from 2013-now)

Le Hang Dang, Thi Hiep Nguyen, Ha Le Bao Tran, Vu Nguyen Doan, Ngoc Quyen Tran. Injectable Nanocurcumin–Formulated Chitosan-g-Pluronic Hydrogel Exhibiting a Great Potential for Burn Treatment. Journal of Healthcare Engineering,, 2018

Nam Cong-Nhat Huynh, Son Hoang Le, Vu Nguyen Doan, Lan Thi Quynh Ngo, Ha Le Bao Tran. Simplified conditions for storing and cryopreservation of dental pulp stem cells. Archives of Oral Biology, 84, 74-81, 2017

Hang Dang Thi Le, Duong Van Thuy, Minh Dung Truong, Quyen Tran Ngoc, Ha Tran Bao Le, Hoa Nguyen Khanh, Khoa Nguyen Cuu, Phuong Nguyen Thi. Mineralization of oxidized alginate-gelatin-biphasic calcium phosphate hydrogel composite for bone regeneration. Journal of Materials Science and Engineering with Advanced Technology, 14, 19-38, 2016

Ha Le Bao Tran, Trang Thi Huyen Dinh, My Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Quan Minh To, Anh Tho Tuan Pham. Preparation and characterization of acellular porcine pericardium for cardiovascular surgery. Turkish Journal of Biology, 40, 1243-1250, 2016

Hao TT Nguyen, My TN Nguyen, Van NL Trinh, Thuy AV Pham, Nga Y Tran, Lan TQ Ngo, Ha LB Tran. Platelet-rich fibrin influences on proliferation and migration of human ginvival fibroblasts. International Journal of Experimental Dental Science, 5, 83-88, 2016

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Cong Toai Tran,  Duy Thao Huynh, Ciro Gargiulo, Le Bao Ha Tran, Minh Hang Huynh, Khanh Hoa Nguyen, Luis Filgueira, D. Micheal Strong. Adipose tissue can be generated in vitro by using adipocytes from human fat tissue mesenchymal stem cells seeded and cultured on fibrin gel sheet. Cell and Tissue Banking, 14, 97-106, 2013

Tran Le Bao Ha. Book chapter: Biomimetic scaffolds for stem cell based tissue engineering in Biomimetic Biomaterials: Structure and Applications. Woodhead Publishing Ltd, 2013

Tran Le Bao Ha. Book chapter: Naturally derived Biomaterials: Preparation and Application in Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. InTech, 2013