TRAN Thien Thanh, PhD

Associate Professor 
Department of  Nuclear Physics-Nuclear Engineering,
Faculty of Physics & Engineering Physics, 
VNU-HCM University of Science,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel. Number: (+84) 028 38 354 266

Scientific Education

Scientific Education

2018. Associate Professor at VNUHCM-University of Science

2013. Ph.D in Nuclear Physics: VNUHCM-University of Science

2007. Master of Nuclear Physics, VNUHCM-University of Science

2003. Bachelor of Physics, University of Education HCM City

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

- 7 projects of scientific research

Research Skills/Interests

- Calculating and simulating interactions of radiation with materials

- Applied nuclear physics to industry and environment

Publication List (selected)

  1. Thanh, T.T., Ferreux, L., Lépy, M.C., Tao, C.V., Sylvie Pierre, S., 2013. Characterization of a cosmic suppression spectrometer, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 114-118.
  2. Ferreux, L., Pierre, S., Thanh, T.T., Lépy, M.C., 2013. Validation of efficiency transfer for Marinelli geometries, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 67-70.
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  4. Thanh, T.T, Nguyen, V.H., Chuong, H.D., Tran, L.B., Tam, HD., Binh, N.T., Tao, C.V., 2015. Verification of Compton scattering spectrum of a 662-keV photon beam scattered on a cylindrical steel target using MCNP5 code, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 294-298.
  5. Thanh, T.T., Trang, H.T.K., Chuong, H.D., Nguyen, V.H., Tran, L.B., Tam, H.D., Tao, C.V., 2016. A prototype of radioactive waste drum monitor by non-destructive assays using gamma spectrometry, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 544-546.
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  11. Vuong, L.Q., Chuong, H.D., Nguyen, V.H., Hung, N.Q., Thanh, T.T., Tao, C.V., 2017. Revision of nuclear data of 235U - 226Ra to the 186 keV peak for the determination of activity for environmental samples, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 314, 1273-1277.
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  14. Thanh, T.T., Vuong, L.Q., Ho, P.L., Chuong, H.D., Nguyen, V.H., Tao, C.V., 2018. Validation of an advanced analytical procedure applied to the measurement of environmental radioactivity, Journal of Environmental radioactivity, 184-185, 109-113.
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