The VNUHCM-University of Science is responsible for providing undergraduate and postgraduate education, conducting scientific research, and transferring technology in the field of natural sciences. It plays a crucial role in VNUHCM by producing high-quality products that meet the increasing socio-economic development needs of the country. Furthermore, it is focused on integrating with advanced higher education in the region and the world, in line with international development trends.

The University of Science holds a certificate of registration No.A-1454 for science and technology activities issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology on October 19, 2015. This certificate outlines the University’s science and technology activities, which include:

Research basic sciences, natural sciences, educational sciences, and technological sciences in the University’s training professions.

Information, consulting, technology transfer and implementation of other scientific and technological services in research.

Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to carry out the University’s missions.



The VNUHCM-University of Science is responsible for implementing research projects at all levels. These projects comprise basic projects funded by the University itself, with approximately 120 topics per year. Besides, there are over 40 C-type topics funded with less than 200 million VND and more than 30 B-type projects that are funded with more than 500 million VND on average.

The University endeavours to leverage various funding sources to aid scientists in their research, enabling them to achieve international publication goals and publish inventions, such as the National Theme Group, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Nafosted Fund’s research programmes, which execute 8–10 research programmes annually. Additionally, there are 5–6 locally funded research programmes each year.

From 2023 to March 2024, the University implemented over 300 projects at all levels and in cooperation. The total budget allocated for all types of projects is more than 50 billion VND.

Published by year and by field

From 2020 onwards, the University has released 2,557 Scopus international publications, including:

+ 1958 articles published in Scopus journals;

+ 580 reports published in Scopus conference collections;

+ 19 chapters of Scopus international book.

Notably, the number of Scopus international publications in groups Q1 and Q2 accounts for the majority


Details at: https://hcmus.edu.vn/ho-so-nang-luc-nghien-cuu/

The VUNHCM-University of Science is open to collaborating with individuals and organisations, both domestic and foreign. The University actively seeks to participate in research groups, enhance its prestigious international publications, associate scientific research with training and innovation, establish startups, and serve the community.