Realizing the importance of strengthening cooperation and connection with businesses to improve and innovate the quality of training to serve the community, the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, VNUHCM-University of Science held a seminar “Connecting Faculty of Electronics – Telecommunications with Enterprises” on August 23rd, 2022. The event welcomed the presence of more than 15 businesses and companies that have been using human resources trained by the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications during the past time.

Discussing at the seminar, businesses affirmed that the demand for workers in the field of electronic and telecommunications engineering is massive and also highly appreciated the quality of graduates from the Faculty of Electronics – Telecommunications in terms of solid background knowledge, hard work, willingness to learn new things and high adaptability to work.

However, to meet the increasing requirements for the quality of human resources in the current era, Enterprises have made proposals focusing on crucial issues such as:

– Training C language to be the core programming language in the education program.

– Strengthening elective subjects to give students more opportunities to choose their favourite fields.

– Focusing on training skills in presenting technical documents, teamwork, self-study, listening, and serving society.

– More electives subjects on the cloud, data processing, VoIP, etc., to meet current technology trends that businesses are interested in.

– Improving foreign language ability for students through teaching methods and assessment of lecturers.

Through the program, the Faculty of Electronics – Telecommunications and Enterprises have come to agree with the views of businesses on the development orientation of the electronics and telecommunications industry. Enterprises also made assessments about the Faculty’s training programs, the quality of students trained by the Faculty, and the weakness that need to be improved, especially the knowledge and skills that the Faculty needs to focus on. Enterprises propose to apply and enhance the Faculty’s support and cooperation models with Enterprises: internship, recruitment, research cooperation, etc.

The discussion was a great success. The Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications would like to thank Enterprises for sharing their experiences and specific and practical contributions to the Faculty in education. This has important implications for developing training programs associated with the practice and creating human resources to serve the labour market better.

Photos at the Seminar:

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