On 2022 June 30th, the Admission Council of the VNUHCM-University of Science announced the admission criteria according to the methods of prioritizing direct admission, prioritizing admission (Mode 02), method admission is based on the results of VNU-HCM’s Competence Assessment Exam (Mode 04) and the admission method is based on international foreign language certificates combined with high school results (3 years) (Mode 06).

This year, the University spends about 40% of the total target on mode 04. Computer Science (Advanced Program) has the highest standard with 1001 points. This is the first time in the past years that the University has an entrance exam with a standard score of over 1000. This shows the attraction of this program to excellent students across the country because there are only about 80 candidates with scores from 1001 in both exams (the total number of candidates is more than 92,000 students).

Regarding the difference in points compared to 2021, 09 faculties that decreased in points, 03 faculties remained unchanged, and the remaining 14 faculties increased in points. The fact that some faculties have declined scores can be explained due to this year’s assessment spectrum, which is somewhat “deviated” compared to previous years; at the same time, the Fields of Natural Science and Life Science are often less popular among candidates. The highest intensive point belonged to the Group of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science (up to 80 points, equivalent to 11%); the rest increased slightly from 10 to 30 points. This circumstance is in the forecast of many experts because this year’s assessment exam has many registered candidates, and the group of candidates is classified quite clearly. Therefore, most of the Faculties that gained points belonged to high-quality points (from 700 to 900).

Looking at this year’s benchmarks, it can be seen that students still follow the majority in mathematics, computing, engineering, and technology, making the competition in these faculties even more “fierce”.



For the method of prioritizing direct admission and prioritizing admission according to the regulations of VNUHCM, the faculty with the highest growth in scores was Chemistry (1.3 points) and Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering Technology – High-Quality program (1 and 0.9 points). This situation reflects more and more talented students interested in these majors. These are the critical faculties of the country which have a vast job spectrum and create a lot of value to contribute to the development of science and technology.

Although in the group with a slight increase in points, the Computer Science program had a passing score of 9.9 points. The next highest score is Data Science, with 9.5 points.



Quality points based on Mode 06

(*): Sub-criteria is considered when there are many candidates with the same minimum passing score of the international foreign language certificate.


An important notice with the change in the Regulations on Regular University Admission in 2022 is that candidates eligible for admission (except for high school graduation requirements) must manually place the 1st aim on the Ministry’s system to confirm results of the University by these methods. After that, candidates will go through the steps of admission confirmation and submit an admission application to be officially recognized as a student of the University. All of the above steps must be followed, so contestants need to be careful not to miss the opportunity.

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