On the afternoon of April 18th, the 11th National Student Chemistry Olympic was organized by the University of Science, Việt Nam National University Hồ Chí Minh City.

The National Student Chemistry Olympic is a traditional academic playground for students who love and are passionate about chemistry studying at universities and colleges in the country.

Held for the first time in 2003, the contest has been held 10 times with the chairmanship of the Việt Nam Chemistry Association and the alternate hosting of universities and colleges across the country and has attracted 1,242 students to participate.

In 2023, the contest has the participation of 48 teams with 236 contestants from 35 universities and academies across the country, in many disciplines: pedagogy, natural science, engineering – technology, medicine – pharmacy, agriculture – forestry – fishery, construction and defence – security.

In the opening ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr Trần Lê Quan – Rector of the VNUHCM – University of Science, said that the university has had a thorough and complete preparation schedule in terms of organization, facilities as well as good coordination with scientists from all over the country in the process of building a suitable and high-quality test set for the exam boards.

At the same time, Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyễn Trung Nhân – Head of the Faculty of Chemistry, has well-organized all aspects related to the contest, ensuring security and safety while receiving exam questions, reviewing and marking theory and practical exams in an objective, fair and accurate manner…

According to Dr Đỗ Duy Phi – President of the Việt Nam Chemistry Association, the content of the competition will be updated knowledge related to the reality of ongoing matters, and to make students more dynamic and keep up with the trends of enterprises and society.

The contest occurred 6 days, from April 17th – 22nd, and was divided into 3 matches. Table A is for institutes specializing in chemistry and chemical engineering. Table B is for institutes majoring in technology and chemical engineering. Table C is for non-specialized chemistry universities and specialized chemistry colleges. Candidates will have 180 minutes for the written test, 30 minutes for the theory and 150 minutes for the experiments.

In particular, this year’s contest was honoured to have the presence of Professor Morten Peter Medal from University of Copenhagen, Denmark – the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, who came to commute and expound his research on “Click Chemistry” to scientists, lecturers and students who love this subject.



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