On August 3rd, Prof. Dr Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai – Vice Rector of the University of Science, represented the University to participate in the Seminar on Promoting the Establishment of a Technology Transfer Office in the University (Technology Transfer Office – TTO) and signed a cooperation agreement with Saigon Innovation Hub (SiHub) in becoming one of the first ten universities participating in the project of establishing this organization.

“We aspire to create professional commercialization activities and bring in revenue from research results, not in the modest numbers like today but will appear in the top numbers of about hundred million dollars”, Mr Huỳnh Kim Tước – Director of Saigon Innovation Hub shared.

The consulting program will last about six months to unify implementation methods at each specific University to effectively connect with the start-up ecosystem and promote technology transfer activities at the unit. The project has the participation of Saigon Innovation Hub, EXPARA Investment Fund, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

“The innovation start-up ecosystem is the most important thing to create the success of a start-up. The University is the key to promoting that ecosystem. Even the University there are full of raw materials such as researchers, scientists, engineers, intellectual property, viable ideas, managers, etc., but such materials cannot become a successful Start-up; it is the technology transfer organizations in the University that turn those ingredients, as if they are the ingredients of a dish, into a perfect meal. As Startups looking for Investment Funds and Investment Funds are also constantly looking for Startups, technology transfer organizations are the right place for them to find each other easily”, said Douglas Abrams, CEO of EXPARA.

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