On the afternoon of December 23rd, 2022, the School Council had the 10th meeting at the headquarters of HPT Informatics Services Joint Stock Company (HPT Viet Nam Corporation) – High-Tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the beginning of the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Cao Vinh – Chairman of the University Council, gave an opening speech, which emphasized that this session will discuss important contents related to the assessment of the work done after 02 years of implementing the Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2025 and the plan for 2023, and also contributed to the Income Innovation Project at the University.



After that, Assoc. Prof. Dr Trần Lê Quan – Vice Chairman of the University Council – Rector of the University, had a summary report for 2022, which analyzed some advantages and difficulties in the University’s operation in the first year of renovating the operation mechanism, many targets have been achieved, but there are still many targets that have not been completed.

“The focus of 2023 will be on digital transformation, income improvement for officials and employees, development of specific training programs such as dual majors, interdisciplinary programs and high quality in English; improving mental health for students; activities to connect the alumni community and activities to develop financial resources and facilities” – Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan shared.



This meeting is also the first time the University Council has established a Supervisory Board to monitor and have an objective and critical view of the University Council’s activities. Representative of the Supervisory Board, Dr Đinh Bá Tiến (Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology), also commented on the analysis and evaluation of uncompleted targets and proposed updating and adjusting the objectives of the strategy. “The University Council needs to have more analytical bases with more specific data to serve as a basis for making feasible decisions, and at the same time to assess resource risks in the implementation process,” said Dr Tiến shared.



Participating in the discussion, Prof. Dr Trần Linh Thước – Former Rector of the University, also expressed his concern about the strugglings that the University is facing, especially in financial problems. According to Prof. Dr Trần Linh Thước, the University Council needs to approve a specific estimate for non-budget revenue sources and, at the same time, make forecasts to focus resources more effectively.



The University Council also voted to approve the 2022 final report and evaluate the performance of the University Council’s Chairman and the University’s Rector. This is the first time the The VNUHCM-University of Sciences has visited and worked at HPT Việt Nam Corporation.



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