Realising the importance of strengthening cooperation and connection with businesses to improve and exalt the quality of training to serve the community, the Faculty of Chemistry of the VNUHCM-University of Science has organised a seminar named “Connection between the Faculty of Chemistry and Enterprises” on June 25th, 2022. The programme welcomed the presence of more than 20 production enterprises, commercial enterprises, centres and research institutes using human resources trained by the Faculty of Chemistry all this time.

Discussing at the seminar, enterprises affirmed that the demand for labour in the fields of Chemistry and Chemical Technology is enormous, and also highly appreciated the quality of graduates from the Faculty of Chemistry, such as solid background knowledge, preeminent scientific critical thinking, especially honesty and high adaptability to work. However, to meet the increasing requirements for the quality of human resources in the digital transformation era, Enterprises have made proposals focusing on crucial issues, including:
– Improving foreign language ability for students because foreign languages are the key to success in the current international integration era.
– Equipping skills to approach and solve problems systematically by enhancing teamwork, critical thinking and innovation. Students need to be more active in learning and research, avoiding passive learning.
– Fostering more knowledge related to international standards, management standards, and quality assurance systems.
– Strengthening specialised subject practice skills, students need to access more professional knowledge and overview of research and practice.
– Extending the duration of the Internship on a practical subject so that students have time to learn and experience real business.
– Creating opportunities for students to learn about Chemistry-related Careers through projects, topics, etc.
– Implementing “Digital Transformation” in teaching.


Assoc. Prof. Nguyễn Trung Nhân – Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, gave the introductory speech and orientation for the discussion.
Enterprises gave comments in the seminar

Through the programme, the Faculty of Chemistry and Enterprises agreed on coordination, support in organising activities, training courses to supplement students’ practical knowledge of the profession, practical internships, recruiting, supporting lecturers to participate in research at enterprises, etc.

The seminar ended successfully. The Faculty of Chemistry would like to thank all the Enterprises for sharing their experiences and specific and practical contributions to the Faculty in training. This has important implications for developing education programmes associated with the practice and creating human resources to serve the labour market better.

Assoc. Prof. Trần Lê Quan – President of the University and Assoc. Prof. Nguyễn Trung Nhân – Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, presented letters of gratitude to Enterprises.

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