On May 7th, the Faculty of Physics and Engineering Physics, in collaboration with the Alumni Community, successfully organized the Traditional Day of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering Physics (VL-VLKT: abbrev. in vietnamese) in 2023. It is a precious opportunity for generations of teachers and students to review memories, summarize and celebrate achievements. Thus, awaken the pride and tradition of the Faculty, aiming for higher accomplishments in the future.

Attending the Ceremony were Assoc. Prof.Dr Trần Cao Vinh – Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the University Council (Faculty alumni); Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan – Rector; Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Minh Triết – Vice Rector; Assoc.Prof.Dr Lâm Quang Vinh – Head of the Science and Technology Department (Faculty alumni); Elderly teachers, university leadership and unit leaders have been with the Faculty for many years.

In particular, the event was honoured to welcome Assoc.Prof.Dr Huỳnh Thành Đạt – Member of the Party Central Committee and Minister of Science and Technology, to return to the place where he had been since he was a student until he became a lecturer. In his speech, Assoc.Prof.Dr Huỳnh Thành Đạt expressed his deep gratitude to the teachers of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering and aspired to the Alumni Community and the Faculty to establish a Science Development Fund to empower the students and lecturers in the future.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Huỳnh Thành Đạt, Member of Party Central Committee, Minister of Science and Technology


The Faculty’s representative respectfully presented flowers to the University’s Board of Directors


The Faculty of Physics and Engineering Physics is one of the faculties with the oldest history of the VNUHCM – University of Sciences, and varieties of departments including Physics And Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics – Nuclear Engineering – Medical Physics, Solid State Physics, Applied Physics, Physics And Electronic Engineering, Geophysics, and  Oceanology – Meteorology – Hydrology.

Physics is a basic science and plays a fundamental role in many sciences and technologies related to environmental science, space science, information technology, materials technology and electronics. The remaining disciplines are trained in application and technical orientation to meet society ‘s needs.

Over 80 years of establishment and development, the Faculty has many outstanding talents in academia, research, teaching and application deployment in engineering and technology. Many Physics Alumni now hold significant positions in government agencies and companies, and have become inspirational and motivational role models for generations of juniors.




Various campaigns for the pre-event occurred to connect Alumni and students, for instance: Physics Alumni Football Tournament, Physics Alumni Open Tennis Tournament, Open Science Festival, etc.

The Alumni community raised Scholarship Fund to support excellent students with difficult circumstances. It is a meaningful activity that shows the caringness of the Alumni to the students currently studying at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. At the event, the Faculty awarded 12 scholarships.


12 Students received the scholarships


The Representatives’ Board of the Physics Alumni community was launched with the aim of jointly developing Scientific Alumni Community of the VNUHCM-US in general and of the Faculty in particular. The Representatives’ Board of the Physics Alumni community members are voted in different academic years, to easily connect with other Alumni.


Introducing member of the Representatives’ Board of the Physics Alumni community


The celebration of the Traditional Day of the Faculty of Physics – Technical Physics in 2023 ended vibrant and worthwhile. We hope the attendees will be increasingly fortunate and growing.




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