On October 11th, 2022, the VNUHCM-University of Science in collaboration with the VNUHN-Central for Education Accreditation to hold the Closing Ceremony of the official survey to assess the quality of education. This is the evaluation service for the 2nd period of the educational quality assessment of the University.

Attending the ceremony, on the side of VNUHN-Central for Education Accreditation, there are Assoc.Prof.Dr Đinh Văn Toàn – Deputy Director and member of the External Evaluation Team (Evaluators); on the side of the expert delegation, there are Prof.Dr Nguyễn Hữu Đức – Team leader, and members; on the side of VNUHCM, there are representatives of leaders of Functional Departments; on the side of the VNUHCM-University of Science, there are Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan – Rector and members of the University’s Board of Directors and leaders of Units under the University.

During five working days, the Evaluators studied documents and evidence, discussed, interviewed stakeholders, inspected facilities and quality assurance conditions, and completed the comprehensive report. As a result, the assessment team has presented a preliminary report on the assessment results based on the criteria requirements according to the standards for evaluating higher education institutions issued by the Ministry of Education and Training. The information has highlighted strengths and potentials that need to be further promoted. Especially, Prof.Dr Nguyễn Hữu Đức – Head of the delegation of experts, highlighted the three most outstanding features of the VNUHCM-University of Sciences, which are remarkable and respectful.

That is:

  • The University has formed models of laboratories that do top-notch research and transfer well, such as the Stem Cell Institute, Cancer Research Laboratory, etc.
  • A university has a positive impact on students when it makes a difference in their intellectual and personal development. With the implementation of comprehensive training quality improvement solutions along with the solid academic, research, and enthusiastic capacity of the teaching staff, the University of Science has brought ‘the added value of outputs’ to the students, which outperformed the ‘input values’ and should permeate society.
  • The VNUHCM-University of Sciences can meet the criteria of a research university according to Article 10 of Decree No. 99/2019/ND-CP or achieve a 5-star standard according to the UPM (University Performance Metrics) matching ranking system, which includes eight standard groups: Strategic Management, Training, Research, Innovation, University Ecosystem, Information Technology and Digital Resources, Level of Internationalization and Community Service.

In addition, the team also made recommendations in all areas for the University to continue researching and implementing solutions to improve quality and governance in the new period in line with the autonomy conditions, vision and development strategy of the University.


Prof. Dr Nguyễn Hữu Đức – Head of Delegation and Assoc. Prof. Dr Ngô Văn Thuyên – Member of the delegation, presented the report


In his speech, Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan – Rector of the University of Science, expressed his gratitude to the members of the expert delegation. With a progressive spirit, the University seriously absorbed the comments and assessments of the board, and systematically reviewed, evaluated and implemented to improve the effectiveness of the University’s activities. At the same time, the strengths of the University are affirmed by the delegation to be an essential motivation to arouse pride, create a firm belief, and encourage the University to continue promoting and contributing to further improving the work of ensuring education, demonstrating the role and responsibility of a university in society in fostering talents for the development of the country.

Through the event, Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan also thanked the Board of Directors of VNUHCM; VNUHCM-Central of Testing and Evaluation of Training Quality; VNUHN-Central of Accreditation Education; and especially the contribution, coordination and cooperation of the all the staffs and students of the whole University to help this assessment to be effective and successful.


Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan – Rector of the VNUHCM-University of Science gave a speech


Speaking at the closing session, Assoc.Prof.Dr Đinh Văn Toàn – Deputy Director of the Central for VNUHN-Education Accreditation highly appreciated the results achieved by the University and thanked the experts for their hard-working with the spirit of seriousness, fairness and hospitality to get authentic and valuable assessment results for the VNUHCM-University of Sciences.


Assoc.Prof.Dr Đinh Văn Toàn  – Deputy Director of the VNUHN-Central for Educational Accreditation gave a speech


At the end of the closing session, the Assessment Team, the VNUHCM-University of Science and the VNUHN-Central for Educational Accreditation signed the protocol for completing the official survey of the external assessment.


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