On the afternoon of December 15th, the The VNUHCM-University of Sciences held a meeting to appreciate teachers who benefit from the pension regime.

Attending the meeting were Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector; MSc. Dương Thị Bích Huệ – President of the Trade Union of the University; Mr Huỳnh Tuấn Khương – Secretary of the Youth Union and representatives of leaders of faculties, departments, units and especially the presence of the teachers received the decision to retire from July to December 2022. , include:

  1. Prof. Dr Nguyễn Diệu Liên Hoa, Faculty of Chemistry
  2. Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyễn Du Sanh, Faculty of Biology – Biotechnology
  3. Assoc.Prof.Dr Trương Thanh Cảnh, Faculty of Environment
  4. Dr Lê Đức Phúc, Faculty of Geology
  5. Assoc.Prof.Dr Đinh Ngọc Thanh, Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics
  6. Dr Lê Bá Khánh Trình, Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics (because he was busy with work, he could not attend, so Dr Mai Hoàng Biên, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics, accepted instead).

In the warm atmosphere of the meeting, the teachers communicated and shared memories of their time working at the University of Science and contributed some constructive ideas for the University.



Speaking at the event, Assoc.Prof.Dr Trần Lê Quan, on behalf of the University’s leaders, expressed his deep gratitude for the dedication of the retired teachers to the education career. Throughout the University’s history, the teachers have witnessed many ups and downs of the University. Still, the teachers succeeded in many fields no matter how difficult the situations were. Hoping that the teachers will continue to look after and cement the University.



A journey of education has passed with a lot of emotions. We sincerely wish all dear teachers and their families good health, happiness and peace.

Some pictures at the event:



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