On July 9th, the VNUHCM-University of Science welcomed ASEAN friends and distinguished guests to participate in the AUN Summer Programme 2024 at the VNUHCM Urban Area within the university campus.

The AUN Summer Programme 2024 is the first student exchange programme implemented across the ASEAN University Network (AUN), striving to prepare students in the ASEAN region with the necessary skills and knowledge to become leading global talents.

The programme aspires to cultivate students with advanced knowledge of urgent issues in the region and the world; problem-solving skills; understanding of countries and cultures in the region; the importance of cooperation and youth contribution to the sustainable development of each country and the ASEAN region as a whole; and developing specialised knowledge and experience in businesses and industries to overcome challenges in the global socio-economic environment. The programme also provides opportunities for students, scholars, and professionals to connect, contributing to the personal and professional development of each participant.

Representatives from VNUHCM-University of Science include:
– Assoc. Prof. Trần Minh Triết, Vice President;
– Dr. VVõ Hồng Hải, Deputy Head of Office of External Relations;
– Mr. Trần Quốc Đạt, Deputy head of Office of Student Affairs;
– Ms. Lê Thị Thu Hiền, President of Vietnam National Union of Students;
– Assoc. Prof. Bùi Việt Hùng, Lecturer of the Faculty of Environment;
– Dr. Nguyễn Lý Sĩ Phú, Lecturer of the Faculty of Environment.

The event at the university involved noteworthy controversies on the interaction and impact of climate change on air quality and water resources. May you have phenomenal experiences at VNUHCM and VNUHCM-University of Science.

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